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Additional Information

With Over 30 years of Tarp Repair experience, Tri-County Tarp offers Full Service In-House Tarp Repairing. We can Repair Your Tarp on the Trailer when necessary, or it can also be dropped off and picked up at a later date. For those times when getting Your Tarp to our location just isn't an option, we sell Vinyl Patch Kits along with a separate Patch Kit for Canvas Tarps.

Please Select a Patch Kit Size when ordering. All Patch Kits consist of Industrial Strength HH-66 Vinyl Cement, Your Choice of Color (Refer to Shelter-Rite Color Swatch) Patch Material, and Instructional Sheet. 

Also available is HH-66 Thinner for Cleaning the Tarp prior to applying the Vinyl Cement for better Adhesion.

We carry three different sizes of patch kits:

  •  1/2 Pint with Brush
  • Full Quart with Brush 
  • Gallon

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