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Shurlock Style Roll System

Shurlock Style Roll System

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Our Shurlock Style Roll Systems will Save You Time and Energy! There are no Ratchet Straps to tighten and No Ropes to tie. At Tri-County Tarp, Our Shurlock Style Roll Systems are Self Locking and also features a Roll-Return Assembly to help guide the Tarp back into the closed position with Little Effort!

Systems can be made to fit nearly Any kind of application; Roll Off Boxes, Dump Trailers, Hopper Trailers, Gravity Wagons, Etc. 

All of our parts come Custom fitted to Your Trailer and on most applications, no modifications to the parts are necessary. The System comes Ready to Install or We can Install it for You!

We use 22oz USA Heavy Duty Material on All of our Roll Tarps to ensure the Longest lasting Tarps available! 

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Shurlock Style Roll System Kit Includes:

- 7/8" Solid Aluminum Bows and Bow Pockets

- 22oz Heavy Duty Shurlock Style Tarp

- Roll Pipe with Spline End

- Quick Release Tarp Caddies

- Front Roll Return Assembly

- Straight or Flex Crank

- Aluminum or Fabric Ends

- Latch Plate

- Permanent Pipe

- Crank Retainers


Available Options:

- Electric Conversion

- Remote Control

- Flex Bows

- Turning Point (Swing) Bows

- Stainless Steel Caps

- Ridge Straps

- Front or Rear Cable Roll Return

- Reinforce the Tarp over the Bows/Caps

Shur-Co Electric 4500 Series HD Smart2™ Remote

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Controls SMART2™ LiteALL and 12 V SMARTrailer™ Electric Accessories, with Digital Feedback on whether or not the light is on or off. Deactivates when cover is closed or after 3 minutes of inactivity. 


- Remote

- Charging Cable


DuraPull ™ System:


Additional Information

The DuraPull™ Tarp System can be Easily installed or we can install it for you! Easily pull the Rope and Hook the Tarp to the rear of the Box to cover your load. Uncovering your load can be easier when using the spring-loaded Tarp Spool. It automatically retracts the Tarp as the operator slowly releases the rope until the Tarp is fully underneath the Tarp Housing.


• Galvanized Steel Tarp Housing
• Spring-Loaded Tarp Stool
• Tension Ratchet
• Tarp Removal/Replacement 
• Tarp Guides
• Mounting System
• Tarp Spool Removal/Maintenance 

Cable-Lok™ System:

Tarp Systems

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The Cable-Lok™ is pairs Great with Belly Dumps. We also carry a variety of Options on Caps, Tarp Stops, and Bow Supports.


- Galvanized Bows/Brackets
- Easy-Off Tarp Stops
- Galvanized End Caps  
- Long Crank Arm w/Reinforced Flexible Hose Assembly 
- J-Hook Retainer with 7” Standoff - Traditional-Style Retainer
- Aluminum Roll Tube w/Channeled Tarp Attachment 
- Galvanized Fixed Tube
- Spool with Galvanized Cable and Zinc-Plated Ratchet
- Adjustable Tension
- 22oz. Vinyl Tarp 
- Electric Options are Available 

Arm-Matic™ Systems:

Dump Truck Tarp Systems

Additional Information

For uses on Dump Trucks to End Dumps, the Arm-Matic™ System is an Easy to use System and can Easily be installed at Tri-County Tarp!


- Eliminates Joint Weakness
- Finer Tension Adjustment
- Gatorshield® Touch
- Increased Corrosion Resistance
- Fast and Easy Tarp Installation 
- Remote Options Available

Flash™ Systems:


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The Flash™ System is great for Dump Body covering systems! Built for Maximum Durability and Safety.  


- Stamped Steel Spring Enclosures 

- Safety

- Durable 

- Professionally Manufactured

IronSide2™ Systems


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This system is designed for a side dump trailer. The IronSide2™ includes a 3-inch Aluminum Roll Tube with arms made of 2-inch, 14-Gauge Steel Tubing for Maximum Durability.


- Dual-Pivot Design
- Low Profile Motor
- Direct-Drive Motor
- Motor Can be Mounted on Front or Rear of Trailer
- Reinforced Roll Tube
- Heavy-Duty Spiral Torsion Spring
- Improved Traction Wheel
- Shur-Co® Exclusive SMARTwire™

Shur-Trak II™ Systems:


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The Shur-Trak II™ System is great for Dump Trucks and many other Trailers. Tri-County Tarp can install this system for You!


- Low Friction and High Strength Bow Shanks
- Motor 

- Remote

Optional Features

Bow Cap

Bow Caps

Bow Caps are used when a Traditional Aluminum Cap cannot be used (Most often this occurs on Dump Trailers).

A Bow Cap consists of Two Bows with a Plate welded between them which can serve as the purpose of a Traditional Aluminum End Cap. 

Bow Caps are covered with a matching Vinyl Material to blend in with Your Tarp!

Radius Aluminum Cap

Radius Caps, or Ravens Caps can be Custom made to fit the Trailer if desired.

Turning Point Bows

Turning Point Bows

Turning Point Bows will swing out to the side, out of your way, with the Pull of a Rope. 

Our Turning Point Bows can be Safely operated from the ground!

Rear Cable Returns

Tri-County Tarp offers Great Rear Cable Returns for Your Shurlock Rolling Systems!