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Custom Tarps

Additional Information

Tri-County Tarp can Manufacture nearly Any Tarp to fit Your Needs. We have a Wide Variety of Materials along with the Knowledge and Experience necessary to fabricate a Tarp of almost Any Size, Shape, and Color. We fully stock and supply the Highest Quality Shelter-Rite Material for Optimal Longevity.

Available Materials:

- 10 oz. Vinyl*
- 14 oz. Vinyl*
- 18 oz. Vinyl*
- 22 oz. Vinyl*
- 28 oz. Vinyl* (Special Order)
- Black Mesh
- Red Mesh
- Multi-Colored Mesh
- Clear Vinyl*
- Canvas
- Fire/Flame Resistant Material

*Please Note that All Vinyl Material is Waterproof.

Available Options:

• Boxed in Corners or Complete Box Cover
• Special placement of Webs, Dee Rings, or Grommets
• Special Size of Name Stenciling
• Add Pockets to Tarp
• Velcro
• Snaps
• Variety of DOT fastener

Some Examples of Tri-County Tarp Custom Tarps

- Full Size Baseball and Softball Covers

- Wind Breaks for Tennis Courts, Fences, Bleachers, Etc.

- Gym Floor Covers

- Pool Covers (Samples Available)

- Outdoor Table Covers

- Banners

- Snowmobile Trailer Covers

- Fire Truck and Service Vehicle Covers

- Air Conditioner Covers

- Welder Covers

- Generator Covers

- Pitching Mound and Home Plate Covers

- Movie Projector Screens

- And Much More 

Tell Us About Your Custom Tarp Needs! Just Ask For a Free Quote!

Wind Breaks

Wind Breaks are Great for athletic applications such as Tennis Courts, Bleachers, Baseball Fields, and More! Lumite Material allows for the wind to Screen through with Less Force, allowing for a Minimum Visibility and a Longer Product Life Span.