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Industry Best Tare Weight. Haul More Freight

When it comes to knowing what Fleets, Trucking Companies, Owner Operators, and Drivers have known all along, that tare weight matters, we’ve got you covered. Extreme™ made it their goal to innovate Extreme Trailers patent-pending platform trailers to significantly eliminate weight. Featuring an industry best tare weight reduction of 1,000 1,800 lbs., you can haul more freight, not more trailer weight. The XP series has 35%-50% stronger decking and when you add up reduced tare weight, reduced maintenance, reduced downtime, and better back hauls, you know it’s more profit to your bottom line.

XP55 The Original

With its industry best tare weight and patent-pending design, this all aluminum beauty is built to last. When you add up the Extreme Trailers: Model XP55 reduced tare weight, reduced maintenance, reduced downtime, and better back-haul opportunities, you can count on more profit in every haul. Rated to handle loads from 55,000 lbs. in a 4ft. area, 60,000 lbs. in a 10ft. area, and a GVWR up to 100,000 lbs. the XP55 is a great value for most flatbeds.

XP65 When Flexibility Matters

Designed with all the features and benefits of the XP55, the XP65 meets the needs of applications requiring higher concentrated load ratings at industry best tare weights. It handles loads up to 65,000 lbs. in a 4ft. area, 75,000 lbs. in a 10ft. area and a GVWR up to 110,000 lbs. 

XP75 When Nothing but Heavy Duty will Do

Extreme Trailers XP75 is light on tare weight, heavy on payload and 
offers one of the highest concentrated load ratings in aluminum flatbeds. Handling loads from 75,000 lbs. in a 4ft. area, 85,000 lbs. in a 10ft. area, and a GVWR up to 120,000 lbs. You can’t go wrong with the XP75  - an ideal trailer for many applications.

Exceptional Quality, Outstanding Value

All Extreme Trailers are manufactured in their fully equipped facility in Northeast Ohio. Each quality product they manufacture is backed by their promise of unmatched service and driven by an experienced, talented and dedicated, staff 
of industry professionals.

Specifications *Key*

Extreme Trailers Flatbeds:

* = B-Train and A-Train applications 

** = Capacity based on 48 ft. length with 30" kingpin setting and 122" suspension spacing. Capacities will change by changing configurations

*** = Disc brakes available

**** = Coupler plate available in 5/16” or 3/8” galvanized 

Extreme™ XP55 Platform Trailer