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About Us

Shurlock Style Roll Tarp


Shurlock style systems are a more convenient alternative to the traditional Roll Tarp System. With no ratchet straps to tighten or bungies to hook, Tri-County Tarp's Shurlock style system is literally roll-n-go! It saves you time and energy!

Components of a Shurlock Roll System include:

• Bows
• Bow Pockets
• 2 square aluminum end caps
• Roll Pipe
• Perm Pipe (Can be interchanged with Perm Strip)
• Quick Release Caddies
• Latch Plate
• Crank (Straight or Flex Crank)
• Roll Return Assembly: End Plug, Elastic Rope, PVC Pipe
• 22oz Shurlock Roll Tarp

Optional Features

Bow Cap

Bow Caps are used when a traditional aluminum cap cannot be used; most often this occurs on dump trailers.

A bow cap consists of two bows with a plate welded between them which can serve as the purpose of a traditional aluminum end cap. Bow caps are covered with a matching vinyl material to blend in with your tarp.


Radius Aluminum Cap

Radius Caps, or Ravens Caps can be custom made to fit the trailer if desired.


Turning Point Bows

Turning Point Bows will swing out to the side, out of your way, with the pull of a rope. Can be safely operated from the ground.


Rear Cable Return


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