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About Us

At Tri-County Tarp we offer customized sidekits of the highest quality and at competitive prices. Tri-County Tarp is the leader in lightweight panels, we hold the original patent and offer the strongest panels on the market. Our lightweight panels are manufactured on the premises and are readily available in over fourteen colors! Please see our Sidekit Tarp Order Form to order your sidekit today.

Components of a TCT Sidekit include
A complete set of panels, stakes, and bows with your choice of rise, a bulkhead bow, ridge strap, caddies, and a customized high quality fitted sidekit tarp. Please see our Sidekit Tarp Order Form for examples of options and customizations.

Panel Options
Lightweight Panels: This is the ideal panel for durability, easy maintenance, and good looks. The outer surface of the panel is constructed from a tough polyurethane resin applied to a PVC core and laminated with a fiberglass mat. This surface will not hold dirt, resists scratches, and cleans easily. The inner substrate consists of an impact resistant high-density foam core that provides structural strength and rigidity. The backside of the panel has a sheet of ABS in your choice of either white or black. Aluminum trim is placed on all four sides of this panel. TCT's lightweight panels weigh only 14 lbs each. Available in 4', 5', 6', 7', and 8'.

Corrulite Panels: This panel s constructed much in the same way our lightweight panel is; with a fluted plastic core. Aluminum trim is placed on all four sides of this panel. Each weighing 14 lbs. Available in 4' and 5'.

FRP Panels: FRP has the look of a lightweight panel with the strength of a traditional wood panel. It consists of half inch thick plywood with a fiberglass skin laminated to the outer surface. Aluminum trim is placed on the top and bottom of this panel. (The sides are not visible—they are within the curves of the stakes.) FRP panels are available in 4', 5', 6', 7', and 8'. Each weighing 28 lbs.

Half-Inch Thick Plywood Panels: Standard, unpainted 1/2" thick plywood. Custom color painting is available. Each panel weighs 22.5 lbs.

5/8" Thick Plywood Panels: Standard unpainted 5/8" thick plywood. Custom color painting is available. Each panel weighs 25 lbs.

Bows: Our bows are made from 7/8"solid Aluminum. Bows can be bent to any rise between 0" (flat bows), up to a 36" rise bow. PVC is also available for bows.

Options for your Customized Sidekit


PVC for Bows

PVC Allows your tarp to slide over your bows easily.



Stake Stops

In order to allow stakes to sit on pockets and reduce wear on the trailer deck, Aluminum collars can be welded onto the bottom of the stakes themselves. stake stops are generally required for all aluminum trailers.

Extra Caddies


Stainless Steel Tailgate


Grain Gate


Breakaway Gate

Grain Stakes

These are intermediate stakes with a flat surface on the back, rather than a tee, so they can be placed in the center of a board for extra support.

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